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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*
# Copyright: [CUP] - See LICENSE for details.
# Authors: Guannan Ma (@mythmgn),
    Msg Broker Service. Every component of a process can produce_msg.

    This msg broker feature is still exprimental. Do not use it in production
    until this comment is deleted.


__all__ = ['BrokerCenter', 'SystemErrmsgBroker']


class BaseBroker(object):
    Base Broker for a system
    _name = None
    def __init__(self, name):
        self._name = name

[docs]class BrokerCenter(BaseBroker): """ Errmsg broker center """ def __init__(self, name): BaseBroker.__init__(self, name)
[docs] def produce_msg(self, msg_type, extra_info, error): """register msg"""
[docs] def comsume_msg(self, msg_type): """ get msg_type from the broker center """
[docs]class SystemErrmsgBroker(BrokerCenter): """ system errmsg broker, you can use it to determine whether exiting from the system is on the way """ def __init__(self, name): BrokerCenter.__init__(self, name)
[docs] def need_stop(self, path): """ return True if the system registered on the path needs to stop immediately """
[docs] def fatal_alert(self, path, msg, need_stop=True): """fatal alert systems"""
[docs] def warnning_alert(self, path, msg): """ warnning alert """
[docs] def register_msg(self, path, msgtype, msg): """register msg into the system"""
[docs] def get_fatal_alerts(self, path): """ get fatal alerts of the current running round """
[docs] def clean_data(self, path, exclude_msgtypes=None): """ clean data of the remaining data """
[docs] def register_wakeup(self, path, msgtype, alert_cap_num, callfunc): """ register wakeups. :param alert_cap_num: If alert_cap_num is 0, whenever a msg of msgtype is received, the callfunc will be called. :param msgtype: [msgbroker.FATAL|msgbroker.WARN] """
def _wakeup(self, path, msgtype, alert_cap_num, callfunc): """ wake up callfunc """
[docs] def register_msgtype_callback(self, path, msg_type, callback_func): """ register msgtype with callback functions """
# vi:set tw=0 ts=4 sw=4 nowrap fdm=indent