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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*
# Copyright: [CUP] - See LICENSE for details.
# Authors: Guannan Ma (@mythmgn),
    msg center related module

import abc
import time
import socket
import threading

from cup import log
from import conn
from import msg as async_msg

__all__ = ['IMessageCenter']


[docs]class IMessageCenter(object): """ Message center class """ __metaclass__ = abc.ABCMeta def __init__(self, ip, port, thdpool_param=None, stat_intvl=20): if thdpool_param is None: thdpool_param = (3, 5) self._conn_mgr = conn.CConnectionManager( ip, port, thdpool_param ) self._stop = False self._stat_intvl = stat_intvl self._stat_cond = threading.Condition() self._type_man = async_msg.CMsgType() self._type_man.register_types(async_msg.MSG_TYPE2NUM) def _bind_port(self): """bind port for message center""" self._conn_mgr.bind()
[docs] def global_sock_keepalive(self, after_idle_sec=1, interval_sec=3, max_fails=5 ): """ Set TCP keepalive on an open socket. It activates after 1 second (after_idle_sec) of idleness, then sends a keepalive ping once every 3 seconds (interval_sec), and closes the connection after 5 failed ping (max_fails), or 15 sec Notice, this will set all sockets this way. :param sock: socket :param after_idle_sec: for TCP_KEEPIDLE. May not work, depends on ur system :param interval_sec: for TCP_KEEPINTVL :param max_fails: for TCP_KEEPCNT """ self._conn_mgr.global_sock_keepalive( after_idle_sec, interval_sec, max_fails )
[docs] def setup(self): """ setup the message center """ try: self._bind_port() return True except socket.error as error: log.error('bind error:{0}'.format(error)) return False
[docs] def dump_stat(self): """ dump message center class """'mysql dump_stat service started') while not self._stop: ind = 0 while ind < 30: ind += 1 time.sleep(1) if self._stop:'msgcenter dump_stat service stopped') return self._stat_cond.acquire() self._conn_mgr.dump_stats() self._stat_cond.wait(self._stat_intvl) self._stat_cond.release()'msgcenter dump_stat service stopped')
[docs] def post_msg(self, msg): """ post a net msg """ self._conn_mgr.push_msg2sendqueue(msg)
[docs] def close_socket(self, msg, recv_socket=True): """close the socket by msg""" self._conn_mgr.close_socket(msg, recv_socket)
def _post_ackok_msg(self, to_addr, from_addr, uniq_id): """ create an ack msg """'post ack ok msg.') msg = async_msg.CNetMsg(is_postmsg=True) msg.set_to_addr(to_addr[0], to_addr[1]) msg.set_from_addr(from_addr[0], from_addr[1]) msg.set_msg_type(self._type_man.getnumber_bytype('ACK_OK')) msg.set_flag(async_msg.MSG_FLAG2NUM['FLAG_NORMAL']) msg.set_uniq_id(uniq_id) msg.set_body('0') self.post_msg(msg)
[docs] def pre_handle(self, msg, function): """pre_handle. Internal use ONLY. Do NOT call it directly.""" function(msg)
def _on_recv_ackmsg(self, netmsg): """on receiving ack msg"""
[docs] @abc.abstractmethod def handle(self, msg): """ handle function which should be implemented by sub-class. """'handle in msgcenter')
[docs] def default_handle(self, msg): # pylint: disable=W0613,R0201 """ default handle for msgcenter """ msg_ackflag = async_msg.MSG_FLAG2NUM['FLAG_ACK'] if msg_ackflag & msg.get_flag() == msg_ackflag: # no need to handle it pass else: log.warn( 'got a msg that you cannot hanlde, default will skip it. ' 'msg received, type:%d, flag:%d, from:%s, uniqid:%d' % ( msg.get_msg_type(), msg.get_flag(), str(msg.get_from_addr()), msg.get_uniq_id() ) ) del msg
def _run_conn_manager(self): """ run conn manager """'run conn manager poll') self._conn_mgr.poll()
[docs] def is_stopping(self): """ is msg center being stopped """ return self._stop
[docs] def stop(self, force_stop=False): """ stop the message center """'To stop the msgcenter') self._conn_mgr.stop(force_stop) self._stop = True self._stat_cond.acquire() self._stat_cond.notify() self._stat_cond.release()'msgcenter stopped')
[docs] def run(self): """ run the msgcenter """ if not self.setup(): return False thd_conn_man = threading.Thread(target=self._run_conn_manager, args=()) thd_conn_man.start() thd_stat = threading.Thread(target=self.dump_stat, args=()) thd_stat.start() ind = 0 msg_ackflag = async_msg.MSG_FLAG2NUM['FLAG_ACK'] while not self._stop: msg = self._conn_mgr.get_recv_msg() if ind >= 10000: recv_queue = self._conn_mgr.get_recv_queue()'msgcenter netmsg queue size:{0}'.format( recv_queue.qsize())) ind = 0 if msg is not None: try: 'msg received, type:%d, flag:%d, from:%s, uniqid:%d' % ( msg.get_msg_type(), msg.get_flag(), str(msg.get_from_addr()), msg.get_uniq_id() ) ) ind += 1 if msg_ackflag & msg.get_flag() == msg_ackflag: self._conn_mgr.push_msg2needack_queue(msg) self.handle(msg) # pylint: disable=W0703 except Exception as err: log.error( 'get a msg that cannot be handled.' 'Seems network err:{0}'.format(err) ) msg = None return True
# vi:set tw=0 ts=4 sw=4 nowrap fdm=indent