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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*
# Copyright: [CUP] - See LICENSE for details.
# Authors: Guannan Ma (@mythmgn),
    Connection Context for each socket
import copy
import time
import threading
import traceback
    import Queue as queue  # pylint: disable=F0401
except ImportError:
    import queue   # pylint: disable=F0401

import cup
from cup import log
from cup.util import misc
from import msg as async_msg

__all__ = [

[docs]class CConnContext(object): # pylint: disable=R0902 """ connection context for each socket """ CONTEXT_QUEUE_SIZE = 200 def __init__(self): self._destroying = False self._sock = None self._peerinfo = None self._sending_msg = None self._send_queue = queue.PriorityQueue(self.CONTEXT_QUEUE_SIZE) self._recving_msg = None self._recv_queue = queue.PriorityQueue(self.CONTEXT_QUEUE_SIZE) self._msgind_in_sendque = 0 self._is_reading = None self._is_1st_recv_msg = True self._is_1st_send_msg = True self._conn = None self._lock = threading.Lock() self._readlock = threading.Lock() self._writelock = threading.Lock() self._retry_interval = None self._total_timeout = None self._last_retry_time = None self._function = None self._resend_flag = None self._listened_peer = None
[docs] def to_destroy(self): """ destroy context """ self._lock.acquire() self._destroying = True if self._sock is None: msg = 'context is with no sock' else: msg = 'context with socket: {0}, peer:{1}'.format( self._sock, self.get_peerinfo()) log.debug('({0}) is to be destroyed'.format(msg)) self._lock.release()
[docs] def is_detroying(self): """ is context being destroyed """ self._lock.acquire() is_destryoing = self._destroying self._lock.release() return is_destryoing
[docs] def set_destoryed(self): """set context to destroyed status""" self._lock.acquire() self._destroying = False self._lock.release()
[docs] def set_conn_man(self, conn): """ set conn for context """ self._conn = conn
[docs] def set_sock(self, sock): """ associate socket """ self._lock.acquire() self._sock = copy.copy(sock) self._lock.release()
[docs] def get_sock(self): """ return associated socket """ misc.check_not_none(self._sock) sock = self._sock return sock
[docs] def do_recv_data(self, data, data_len): """ push data into the recving_msg queue network read should be in 1 thread only. """ if self._recving_msg is None: raise cup.err.NotInitialized('self._recving_msg') try: ret = self._recving_msg.push_data(data) except IndexError as error: log.warn('index error/msg len error happened:{0}'.format(error)) log.warn(traceback.format_exc()) log.warn('receive a msg that cannot handle, close the socket') self.to_destroy() return if ret < 0: log.warn( 'receive an wrong socket msg, to close the peer:{0}'.format( self.get_peerinfo() ) ) self.to_destroy() self._conn.cleanup_error_context(self) return if data_len >= ret: if self._recving_msg.is_recvmsg_complete(): self._is_1st_recv_msg = False self._conn.get_recv_queue().put( (self._recving_msg.get_flag(), self._recving_msg) ) if self.get_listened_peer() is None: listened_peer = self._recving_msg.get_from_addr()[0] self.set_listened_peer(listened_peer) 'set listened peer {0} for this context({1})'.format( listened_peer, self._peerinfo) ) self._recving_msg = None if self._conn.get_recv_queue().qsize() >= 500: time.sleep(0.1) self.move2recving_msg() # the pushed data should span on two msg datas if data_len > ret: return self.do_recv_data(data[ret:], (data_len - ret)) else: log.error( 'Socket error. We cannot get more than pushed data length' ) assert False return
[docs] def move2recving_msg(self): """ get the net msg being received """ # if no recving msg pending there, create one. if self._recving_msg is None: self._recving_msg = async_msg.CNetMsg(is_postmsg=False) self._recving_msg.set_msg_context(self) if self._is_1st_recv_msg: self._recving_msg.set_need_head(True) else: self._recving_msg.set_need_head(False)
[docs] def try_move2next_sending_msg(self): """ move to next msg that will be sent """ if self._sending_msg is None or \ self._sending_msg.is_msg_already_sent(): try: item = self._send_queue.get_nowait() msg = item[2] except queue.Empty: # log.debug('The send queue is empty') msg = None except Exception as error: errmsg = ( 'Catch a error that I cannot handle, err_msg:%s' % str(error) ) log.error(errmsg) raise ValueError(errmsg) self._sending_msg = msg else: log.debug( 'No need to move to next msg since the current one' 'is not sent out yet' ) temp = self._sending_msg return temp
[docs] def put_msg(self, flag, msg): """ Put msg into the sending queue. :param flag: flag determines the priority of the msg. Msg with higher priority will have bigger chance to be sent out soon. :param return: return 0 on success return 1 on TRY_AGAIN ---- queue is full. network is too busy. :TODO: If the msg queue is too big, consider close the network link """ succ = None self._lock.acquire() if self._is_1st_send_msg: msg.set_need_head(True) # pylint: disable=W0212 msg._set_msg_len() self._is_1st_send_msg = False else: msg.set_need_head(False) msg._set_msg_len() urgency = 1 is_urgent = flag & async_msg.MSG_FLAG2NUM['FLAG_URGENT'] if is_urgent == async_msg.MSG_FLAG2NUM['FLAG_URGENT']: urgency = 0 try: self._send_queue.put_nowait((urgency, self._msgind_in_sendque, msg)) self._msgind_in_sendque += 1 succ = 0 except queue.Full: log.debug( 'network is busy. send_msg_queue is full, peerinfo:{0}'.format( msg.get_to_addr()[0] ) ) succ = 1 self._lock.release() return succ
[docs] def get_context_info(self): """ get context info """ peerinfo = self.get_peerinfo() msg = 'Peer socket(%s:%s).' % (peerinfo[0], peerinfo[1]) return msg
[docs] def set_reading(self, is_reading): """ set reading status """ self._lock.acquire() self._is_reading = is_reading self._lock.release()
[docs] def is_reading(self): """ get if it is reading """ self._lock.acquire() is_reading = self._is_reading self._lock.release() return is_reading
[docs] def try_readlock(self): """ try to acquire readlock :return: True if succeed. False, otherwise """ return self._readlock.acquire(False)
[docs] def release_readlock(self): """ release the readlock """ self._readlock.release()
[docs] def try_writelock(self): """ :return: True if succeed. False, otherwise """ return self._writelock.acquire(False)
[docs] def release_writelock(self): """ release the writelock """ self._writelock.release()
[docs] def set_peerinfo(self, peer): """ set peerinfo """ if type(peer) != tuple: raise ValueError('peer is not a tuple') self._peerinfo = peer
[docs] def get_peerinfo(self): """ get peerinfo """ return self._peerinfo
[docs] def get_listened_peer(self): """ return peer listened peer info """ return self._listened_peer
[docs] def set_listened_peer(self, peer): """ set peer listened peer """ self._listened_peer = peer
[docs] def get_sending_queue(self): """return sending queue""" return self._send_queue
# vi:set tw=0 ts=4 sw=4 nowrap fdm=indent